Water and Sanitation Project, Cyanika, Burera District. Short Story & Facts.

Moucecore help the community in Cyanika to build water tanks.  Water is collected by drain pipes on the roof of a house which run into a tank. This means in rainy season the… Continue reading

Interview with Cassien Bapfaguheka Water and Sanitation Project, Cyanika, Burera District

Cassien lives with his wife Jeanne and their four children in the foot hills of Mt Muhabura. He is part of the original team that was trained by Moucecore in his local area… Continue reading

Church and Community Mobilization in Ruhungo District

The whole ICS Moucecore Team accompanied Albert Mabasi to visit a village in the Ruhungo District in the North Province where he had recently introduced the Church and Community Mobilization initiative to the… Continue reading

Children’s rights in Gahini

Every Saturday, around 700 children gather at churches around Gahini diocese for clubs run by MOUCECORE. The clubs aim to inform children of their rights and support them in standing up for them.… Continue reading

Emmanuel: The Pastor in Burera

In the mountains of Burera, Emmanuel leads a church of almost 1200 people. However, it has not always been that way. Even before he arrived in Burera, he knew of the community and… Continue reading

Rachel’s Toilet Transformation

In 2002, Rachel heard about a solidarity transformation group set up by MOUCECORE in her area. The group was headed up by Blandine who approached Rachel and asked her if she wanted to… Continue reading

Blandine from Burera district

“In 2001, I was living in poverty. I had no shelter, I didn’t shower, our children didn’t go to school and there was still discrimination in the community. Women and children had to walk 18km to get… Continue reading

Short stories from Gatsibo district

John-Baptiste John-Baptiste is a husband and the father of two children. He is also the pastor of the local Baptist church, which he has led since before 1994. When the genocide took place,… Continue reading

Gatsibo Agricultural Co-operative

After 1994, the Revera cell of the Gatsibo district was devastated. Families and churches were torn apart and, like much of Rwanda, the future looked bleak. Three years later, however, Moucecore arrived in… Continue reading

Gitare Mushroom Co-operative

In a small factory room in the village of Gitare just outside Volcanoes National Park, Caleb Sezibera stands presenting a sausage-shaped bag of what, at first glance, seems to be sawdust. He is… Continue reading